Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

to sleep or not to sleep...

My freakish need for sleep is officially cutting into my knitting time. Again.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So whose fault was it?

The facts:
-There was marker all over the bedspread.
-There were three markers (with and without caps) in Hokiefriend's bedroom that had originally been downstairs, accessible in a child's desk.
-The boys had been allowed free reign of the house while us mommies hung out in the living room.
-The boys had been told they were not to have crayons all over the house, due to last weeks "writing on the walls" incident.
-The boys had been told markers were for the dry erase board only.
-Hokieboy is 4years and one month old; Hokiefriend will be 4 next month.
-Hokiemama (me) is 30; Hokiefriend's Mommy is 28.

-Markers were accessible at all times to curious preschoolers.
-The boys were never told the markers needed to stay downstairs.
-The boys were not supervised upstairs.
-The boys average 4 years old.
-The mommies average 29 years old.
-When confronted, each boy said the other one did it.

-The boys probably knew they were not supposed to draw on the bed, but it cannot be determined for sure.
-The boys have impulse control issues; they are 4.
-The mommies did not draw on their additional 25 years of life experience to make some simple decisions that could have prevented the situation (ounce of prevention v. pound of cure, HELLO!)

-Boys: Guilty of succumbing to typical impulses affecting young children.
-Mommies: Guilty of stupidly allowing children with access to destructive materials to run amok unsupervised in a home with items that the mommies do not want destroyed.

-Boys: immediate suspension of coloring privileges until further notice; three strikes rule in effect: one more coloring offense and boys will not be allowed to play together indefinitely.
-Hokiemama: embarassment at seeming lack of control of Hokieboy's actions; awkwardness of not agreeing with Hokiefriend's Mommy's method of punishment; possible participation in replacement of destroyed comforter.
-Hokiefriend's Mommy: find a way to remove dry erase marker from comforter; failing stain removal, possible replacement of comforter; other ramifications unknown to this entry.

Keep all markers out of reach of children unless supervised.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Markers and Crayons and 4 Year Old Boys

Who did it?

Last week Hokieboy went to a friend's house to play. They had a lovely time with their notebooks and crayons looking for clues ala Blue. They were searching for the monster that lives under Hokiefriend's Mommy's bed. Blissfully unaware of any danger, we mommies helped the boys clean up when it was time to go home.

The phone rang at 9:45pm. "Do you have a minute?" asks Hokiefriend's Mommy.

This didn't sound good. Turns out there was crayon all over Hokiefriend's walls, and when confronted, Hokiefriend told his mommy that Hokieboy did it. Being a nice friend, Mommy was not blaming Hokieboy entirely, but Hokiefriend had never done this before.

So Hokieboy and I talked. He said Hokiefriend said it was okay.

It was determined between Mommy and me that the boys would no longer be allowed to use crayons without supervision.

Fast forward one week to today. We are back at Hokiefriend's house. The boys have been told that the crayons are off limits. The mommies help clean up so we can go home.

The phone rings. "Do you have a minute?"

AGAIN??? You've got to be kidding me! This time it's dry erase marker all over Mommy's brand new comforter and pillow cases. Dry erase is permanent on fabric.

What am I supposed to do? It's been too long since the incident for a timeout and the evidence is not available for me to show Hokieboy as a reminder. So, crayons, markers, and other drawing implements are off limits until further notice and if it happens again he will not be allowed at Hokiefriend's house. Grr.

Monday, July 7, 2008

melancholy me

Still plugging away on MS3. I'm about 15 rows from finishing clue 4. I've been keeping tabs on Jessica's progress on hers. She finished knitting and needs to get some new pins so she can block it. I made her promise I can come and help. I've never blocked anything, but I hear it's knitter's crack, especially with lace. Magical. We'll see! I'm excited about it.

I've made dozens of wee tiny socks, and now it is time to move on. I need a new portable project. Nothing's catching my eye right now, though. Sigh. I want something new, but funds are perpetually low. So, I must go stash diving. Well, jumping anyway, since the pool is shallow and I wouldn't want to break my neck.

And that brings me to... SP12's question #4. It's all about stash again.

1) What yarn (that you don't have/haven't used) would make your stash "complete"? Is stash ever complete? Considering the aforementioned depth of my stash and my limited experience/budget, there are many many yarns out there that I've never knit with. I've heard wonderful things about malibrigo, noro and other pricey yarns. I'd like to try some of the new cotton blends, provided they aren't too splitty. I've also had my eye on fearlessfiber's sock yarns.

2) What yarn do you never want to be without? I hope to one day knit with something I would mourn over if I could never have it again.

I'm wondering if my partner from my last swap has received her goodies. I still haven't received mine, but they are supposed to be on their way.

I just remembered I have some Anne lurking in my stash... off I go to find a pattern!