Wednesday, July 21, 2010

fb in Ptown

I think facebook has killed my meager blogging skills. It's so easy to just type in whatever you're thinking at the moment and limit the characters. It makes me sad. I'll be better about blogging. Maybe. I hope. I like blogging. For now, I'll keep knitting my Hanami, which needs a clever name. Another day. I have no ac in my living room right now and it's about 100* outside. I can't think. Good night.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Storytelling in Ptown. Or not.

I wish I could write. I mean, I can write, but I wish I could write well. You know what I mean: the kind of writing that inspires and entertains. Some of my favorite blogs to read are by gifted writers. These blogs are more than simply records of events. They are stories of events. I wish I was a storyteller.

Here's an example.
HokieBoy was in the tub the other day with his hand on his manparts. So I ask him if he needs to pee. He says no. So I asked why he was holding himself. He says, "I love my penis. My penis makes me happy. My penis makes pee. I hate pee. But I love my penis."

See, there's a record of what happened. Funny, but not terribly gripping. (Get it? He was gripping... nevermind.) How can I make this into a story of what happened? I want to tell the truth without exaggerating, because the truth is funny enough. Maybe I should find a class or something in all my extra time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not a lot of Knitting in Ptown

I have so much to say, and no idea where to begin. So I will write a little today, and maybe I'll feel a little better.

I finished the race last month! My goal was to finish it before they closed the course, and I succeeded. In fact, I completed 13.1 miles in a little under 3 hours. (Just for fun: they close the course after 4 hours.) Then, I thought I was going to die. For about 7 hours, I wanted to throw up. I felt like I had the flu. In the meantime, I was throwing a party for my four year old. I was fun that evening. Finally, I managed to eat some birthday cake and I was healed! Guess a little sugar can go a long way.

HokieBabyGirl hasn't been gaining weight these past two months. At her 4 month checkup, she was 10# 2oz and just below the bottom 3% curve. That was about where she had been all along. At 6 months and 2 weeks, she was 10# 4oz. She fell not only off her curve, but off the chart. She gained 2 ounces in 2 1/2 months. Not good. Her pediatrician wants me to supplement with formula and come back for a weight check. I am working with a Lactation Consultant, supplementing my diet, pumping frequently, and supplementing HBG with pumped milk, formula, and fatty solids. Turns out, she kind of likes avocado mixed with rice cereal and formula.

I'm a little stressed out about it. I'm trying not to post anything about it on facebook. My mom and dad follow my facebook page, and I think my mom is mad at me for not just putting HBG on formula and getting over it. I don't like formula. I nursed two babies successfully for a year after rough starts and I'm not giving up on this one. I can do this. I have the desire, the support of my husband, professional assistance, and time at home to do this. What I don't need is to hear things like, "formula isn't that bad; I agonized over it for you and your sister; it's come a long way in 30 years." The bottom line is this: I want what is best for my baby, and I believe with all my heart that breastmilk is best. If I cannot bring my milk supply back to where it must be to feed my daughter, then I will do what needs to be done for her to thrive.

Needless to say, there is not a lot of knitting going on around here. Oh well.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Life as a Mother of 3 in Ptown

Here I sit in my cozy living room, thinking about all the changes that have happened since I last posted anything on here. I am now a mother to 3 beautiful babies. I own the biggest truck my husband could find (a 2002 Ford Excursion. It runs on diesel.) We have a wood stove in our living room, a new powder room, and our washer and dryer are now downstairs. I am also on my way to being an "athlete," if I can get my act together.

HokieBabyGirl was born on September 14, 2010, despite my doctors being convinced I wasn't in active labor. She was 36 weeks gestation and is classified as a near-term preemie (37 weeks being considered term.) That makes hers my longest pregnancy (HokieBoy was 32 weeks, HokieGirl was 34.) A week later, we drove to Richmond and got the Great Orange Beast, or GOB. My mother in law and her sister came down from the 'Burgh for a long weekend to meet HokieBabyGirl. We spent Thanksgiving in the 'Burgh and Christmas at home. After the New Year, we went back to the 'Burgh to celebrate Christmas with HokieHubby's family. They had some lovely snow (around 8 inches with fresh snow falling each day), and I truly thought that would be it for the snow for us this year. I was wrong, as our little cottage was covered with 8 inches of the stuff last weekend, all falling between 0345 and 1200 on Saturday. Now a week later, most of it has melted and a new storm is on its way. We are predicted to received 1-3 inches tomorrow. Yuck.

I signed up to run in the Shamrock Half Marathon on March 20th. WHAT??? That's right. I, a woman who *hates* to sweat, signed up for a 1/2 marathon. I haven't run since college, and even then I was never successful. I haven't worked out since then either. I have not performed any serious exercise in over 10 years. Why would I want to run a 1/2 marathon? Because I'm sick of being overweight and out of shape. I don't want to be the fat and frumpy mom anymore. So, I set for myself a concrete goal with a deadline. I am not interested in running the entire 13.1 miles, just completing them.

I'm knitting a little more now. I've completed my Swallowtail shawl that I began in July, and now I wonder how on earth I'm going to use a rainbow striped lace shawl. I made an orange and maroon hat modeled off the hats worn on the sidelines of the Steelers games. I made a little hat for HokieBabyGirl that caused a mommy friend to request one for her son's birthday. Normally I would decline, but I love this woman and I couldn't resist. Fortunately, the hat took very little time.

Now that my baby is 4 1/2 months old, I think I can honestly say I'm getting the hang of things. Now that's not to say I'm good at things. It took a while, but we are getting to MOPs regularly and to Bible Study each week. Of course, the fact that we are not traveling again until May helps with the mindset. I *know* what I should do each day to make life easier, but I'm not all that great at follow through. I *should* restock the diaper bag each evening, reload my gym bag (yes, I have a gym bag now! That's another major change in my life!), and take care of basic chores each day. If I could stick to routines life would be very easy.

A mommy blogger I follow is doing a piece about Mommy Myth Busting. She has been a SAHM for some time now, but is trying on some other hats for a book. This week, she is a working mom. She is learning about how hard it is. I can only imagine how hard it is. It sounds like a great idea: give the kids to someone else to look after and go hang with grownups all day. Then, you've had enough time to miss the kids and when you get home your happy to spend the evening with them. Yeah, right. I can just see it. Get up at the butt-crack of dawn to get myself ready for work. Then get 3 kids dressed and ready to go. Feed everyone and let the dog out. Get everyone in the car and to the sitter. Be stuck in an office all day. Sure, I might get to chat with grownups, but I'd also have to answer to a real boss. Then, by the time I get home from work and picking up the kids, I have to get dinner on the table because you know we are all *starving*. I. Don't. Think. So.

I will continue being a homeschooling sahm. Our days are ours and I can do as much or as little as I want. I do need to be a better home manager though. My house is a constant wreck. We have entirely too much stuff. I call it crap, but HokieHubby gets upset with that term. My plan for now is to finish the baby's room and then go through the kids clothes and get rid of as much as possible. After that comes the toys. Oh the humanity!