Monday, September 15, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation...

We went home. No, it's not really home, but it's where HokieHubby and I always feel most at home. Driving back to Bburg is always so nice. We like to stop at Cowlings BBQ for lunch on the way out. Good stuff. Hokieboy loves him some bbq. There is just something about Virginia once I am west of Farmville on 460. It's like the cares of my normal life melt away and I actually become more like myself. Blacksburg is the one place that was mine. I have my memories there.
We had to hit this place for lunch. I insisted on getting the Mac and Cheese for at least one Hokiekiddo. I never let the kids get mac and cheese when we are out because it's usually crap. Not here.
Hokiehubby got to go home, too. BFD157 rides again, this time with little firefighters in training.

These fantastic statues are all over town, thank heavens! Before we left I told Hokieboy we were going to see where the HokieBird lives. He gasps, "the HokieBird! I LOVE the HokieBird! I'm going to give him a hug and a kiss!" Of course we were there in time for move-in Saturday and there was not a live Bird to be seen. HokieBoy was very excited to find this one at Station 2.

If you did not know, Virginia has a fantastic state park system. This is HokieGirl showing off a caterpillar at Butterfly Kapers at Douthat State Park. This was the second year that my mom rented a cabin for a week for all of us. We had a fantastic time, and only left the park twice on the two days that it was raining, or rather pouring. This year the kids did all of the Kapers programs. Unfortunately, the remnants of Fay came through on Tuesday and did not leave until Thursday so it was too cold to be at the beach too much this year. We visited the C&O Historical Society one day, and my mom and I took a mineral bath at Jefferson Pools the next. OH MY I need me one of those nearby!

So, I'm thinking at the moment that it is much too late (too early??) to continue this entry. If you are just DYING to know what happened next, I'm sorry. I wasn't able to sleep so I came down to piddle and decided to write. More later... and maybe even some knitting updates!