Monday, June 25, 2007


Close one: the socks were in the back of my car. I've taken to bringing them with me pretty much everywhere in the hopes that I can pull them out and work on them. I have no memory of putting them in the back of the car, but I went to get hokieboy's bag of toys and there they were, snug in their little bag! I'm going to be more careful. I did start my KAL washcloth since I didn't have my socks. Poor socks. Someone needs to tell me a little more about second sock syndrome. I can guess that it takes longer to finish the second one because the thrill is over. I just want to know if handknit socks really feel better on your feet! I'm not sold yet. I've been informed that I am not to buy more yarn until I use up what I have. My husband found my stash, hidden away in the laundry closet. It's actually small, only two rubbermaid bins. It doesn't take up much room at all! Unfortunately, it's all worsted weight non-socky yarn, and socks are my current experiment of choice!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Missing: socks. Reward.

It's gone. I had it last night. I don't have it today. I was getting so close to finishing the second sock and it's gone. It'll turn up. I hope.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's a sock!

The first sock is a sock. But wouldn't you know it: 6 rows before the end of the sock, I drop the working needle right between the boards of my front porch. I have been wanting to put a rug out there, but we don't have the money. So, I was able to finish the sock, but I can't start the second until I get new needles. Daggonit. I guess I need to block the sock, but I need to figure out how. Maybe I'll wait until I can get to yarn for supper and ask around!

On another note, Hokieboy is potty training and it's going very well. He got his first "all day no accidents" car today!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Progress report

I started a sock! Yay! First wearable! I'm doing okay with it. In fact, I've turned the heel already and I'm working on the foot. I had a little worry about my gauge, but I've decided to continue. I started with the required 7 st/in but then it became st/in. I've since relaxed a little and I'm just going one stitch at a time. It's just a sock. It's my first sock, and if it's not perfect, that's okay! I'm just getting my feet wet! If this turns out well, I'm excited about the baby sweater that's next. The only problem is we are completely broke and I'm going to have to dig through the yarn I have for a while. I hope I have enough of something nice to start the sweater. I have something in mind, I just don't know how much I have.
I have pictures of the sock in progress, I'm just too lazy to download them to the computer so I can upload them to the page.
We had yarn with kids yesterday. It was a good time! One 3 month old boy + one 14 month old girl + one 2 year old boy + one 2 1/2 year old boy + one 3 year old boy= lots of noise and lots of fun! The three mamas had a good time talking and some knitting was actually done! Yarn for breakfast is Saturday and we're having a brunch for Jessica who's getting married. Paul's working Harborfest, so it looks like I'll have the kids with me again!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

this habit doesn't have a patch

So this is a little ridiculous. I have a new addiction, it seems. Interestingly, I have flirted with this addiction for a couple of years. I have found a whole new world of enablers. My husband will be thoroughly dismayed when the depth of my new addiction comes out. I don't think I have enough time or money for this adiction. My children get in the way. My bills get in the way. My need for food and water gets in the way. It's knitting. And reading about others who knit on the internet. I blame meetup, and myspace, and Leah, and Tracey, and Yarn for Breakfast, and anyone else I can think of to avoid blaming myself!