Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 on Tuesday

A little something I've seen on some other blogs.

10 Things I Want to Knit in 2009
1. A Hokie Hat
2. Baby Mine
3. Felted Slippers for hokiekiddos
4. Christmas stockings for PittsburghCousins
5. Beaded lace, perhaps waves of grain
6. Lenore socks
7. Amused or Corona
8. Green day vest
9. colorwork mittens like Lillyfield
10. Clapotis (cuz I may be the last knitter to do one)

Other minor projects:
1. socks from stash: at least six possible pairs
2. washcloths from stash: at least five balls available

We'll see how that goes, considering my FO list for 2008 was short.
1. Prayer Socks
2. two dozen wee tiny prayer socks
3. MS3
4. Central Park Hoodie
5. Ravelympics Baby Surprise Jacket and matching hat and socks

Current WIPs
1. Mmmmmalibrigo Nutkins, began early December 2008