Monday, June 25, 2007


Close one: the socks were in the back of my car. I've taken to bringing them with me pretty much everywhere in the hopes that I can pull them out and work on them. I have no memory of putting them in the back of the car, but I went to get hokieboy's bag of toys and there they were, snug in their little bag! I'm going to be more careful. I did start my KAL washcloth since I didn't have my socks. Poor socks. Someone needs to tell me a little more about second sock syndrome. I can guess that it takes longer to finish the second one because the thrill is over. I just want to know if handknit socks really feel better on your feet! I'm not sold yet. I've been informed that I am not to buy more yarn until I use up what I have. My husband found my stash, hidden away in the laundry closet. It's actually small, only two rubbermaid bins. It doesn't take up much room at all! Unfortunately, it's all worsted weight non-socky yarn, and socks are my current experiment of choice!

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