Monday, October 22, 2007

the new camera is a hit!

With my husband anyway! It came in last week and he is having a blast with it. It's really nice: an almost-professional digital SLR. I'll get used to it eventually, and I'm sure I'll come to love it. For now, though, I can only lament its relative lack of portability. In other words, it won't fit easily into my purse/diaper/knit bag. At least, not if I want to keep purse-things/diapers/knitting in the bag as well. This just means I won't have a camera on hand for snapping candid shots on the run of my cute offspring. Crap. On the other hand, I may actually be able to get some nice knitting shots... someday.

The contractors are here today tearing down my kitchen. It's a mess. I should have gotten food and drinks out of there to get us through the day. It's 10:15 and I'm starving. There's roofing paper between me and the pantry. I've seen some of what's inside my hundred year old walls. I don't want that stuff in my lungs. The plan is: one day demolition, one and a half reframing, then wait for the electrician and the plumber, then two days finishing. Once that is done, we will take final measurements and order our new cabinetry. That will take 3 weeks to come in. We will be installing, along with help from friends. So, you figure five weeks to completion puts us right after Thanksgiving. So, we should be done by New Years.

My sock swap socks are in the works. I have been working only on them, but alas, I'm not very fast. At the rate I'm currently moving, I should have them done by Christmas. Just kidding... I think! Maybe my kitchen will be done by then... Hey, I can dream!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry Iam still plugging along on yours also :) With work and family, it's slow going. Can't wait to see how they look.