Monday, November 19, 2007

Disorderly Household (or Business As Usual at My House)

I'm on the Flylady ( list and today I got her thanksgiving holiday reality check. They talk about perfectionism in there, which is really what keeps me from doing anything around my house. I hate that, but even right this minute, I'm sitting here thinking that since I have no kitchen, what is the point in keeping the hallway clean? And if the hallway isn't neat, what's the point in cleaning the dining room? Besides, I'm supposed to be packing to come to PA, which means I need to finish my laundry, but I can't fold it while Natalie is awake because she likes to wear Connor's underwear on her head and she digs through through the basket throwing all the clothes on the floor. So, I think I'll wait to fold clothes until she goes down for a nap, but I didn't sleep well last night so I'll just doze here on the couch while Connor takes his nap. I can fold clothes when the kids go to bed tonight. But, we're meeting my dad for a pre-trip dinner since he's coming home for Thanksgiving until Sunday and we won't be back until Monday and I'll just want to hang out with Paul since we haven't had any time to just veg on the couch together. So the packing can wait until tomorrow after we get back from CBS and picking up a few things for the trip oh my goodness! Paul slipped out of class really early today and he's ready to go now????? But there's still dirty dishes in the bathroom sink...

And I'm not even planning a Thanksgiving dinner.

By the way, take some time this week to thank God for everything He has blessed you with (that would be everything you have!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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