Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yarn for Supper sure tastes good!

I took a time out last night. Paul got home from work and disappeared. After an hour I went out to find him. I didn't know how bad I was feeling until he asked me if I was okay. I just started crying. I needed to get away. So I asked if he would be okay if I ran away for a bit.

I went to Yarn for Supper at Panera Bread. That was the fastest three hours I've enjoyed in a long time. I love love LOVE my children and my husband, but I needed to be without them for a little while. I just sat there and ate dinner and knitted. I had a whole day away last Saturday, but it was a leadership training. Totally different. Light conversations and good food can't be beat. So, I'm making a new commitment to myself to take time out more often. I'll be a better mom.


Cheryl in VA said...

I have found time-outs are good for all concerned in many different ways.

It was so good to see you last night, I am so glad you came.

JessicaRose said...

yeah that's something I think a lot of mothers struggle with. I know I do sometimes. Just because you need a break from your kids doesn't mean your a bad mom or that you love them any less. After 6 weeks of Nathan in this hotel room I could seriously use a break. But just getting home will quiet things up abit. And hopefully I can make it to the next knit meet. Hope to see you there.