Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm so not good at writing regularly. Sigh.

So I'm still plugging away on my Central Park Hoodie. Thankfully the knitting is done, but there is much seaming remaining. I'm not real happy with the button band on one side, so I may be tearing it out and starting over. I'm going to seam first so that all I will have left is the new band. In the meantime, I finished a little baby hat to go with the BSJ for Hokiehubby's cousin this weekend. I also managed to find buttons that I think will work. The BSJ was hanging out alone at home when I managed to get out to find buttons. I haven't had a chance to try them out. My Hokiejays were frogged, as the yarn wasn't striping the way I was hoping. Oh well.

I have been busy. I am a children's teacher for a Bible study, so I must plan those lessons as well as keep up with my own study. I'm also the coordinator for the daytime MOPS group. That is one of the most challenging things I've done recently. I knew it would be, and I'm still wondering why God laid it on my heart. I imagine I'll find out someday.

Hokieboy has speech on Monday mornings now. It's going really well. His teacher started the "s" sound with him today. He has gotten the hang of "f" and it is time to add another sound.

We will be going to Erie this weekend and on to Pittsburgh Sunday. Nobody up there knows we are coming, so shhh! Baby shower and graduation party on Saturday, and Presque Isle on Sunday. Hokiehubby wants a bit of a replay of last weekend when we rode bikes for 25 miles in two days. I don't ride bikes, or exercise, so 25 miles is a really freakin' big deal for me. So we will go to Presque Isle and try again. Fun.

It's my anniversary with Hokiehubby! Seven years of wedded hokie bliss! I still love you, and I don't itch at all.

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