Friday, February 27, 2009

The lost birthday post

So, I tried this on my birthday and cyberspace ate it. We'll try again.

My birthday weekend brought me all sorts of yarny goodness. On Saturday, a wonderful woman opened her Great Yarn Stash to my knitting group for us to tear apart. I managed to bring home a pretty obscene amount of yarns that I may never have purchased on my own. Robin is a designer who has had many yarn companies send her yarn in exchange for her designing something that uses that yarn. She had more yarn in her home than a small yarn store. Hundreds, maybe thousands of skeins and balls and cones. And the variety! She had wool and wool silk blends and mohair and acrylic and novelty. Colors ranged from grey and ecru to neon pinks and oranges to foresty greens. I picked out a few skeins and was told I must pick more. So I did. She told me more. I am embarassed by the amount of yarn came into my house on Saturday. I brought home a Stash of My Own. My stash before Saturday fit very comfortably into 3 small bins. I'm not sure I'm ready to publicly announce the contents of my new stash.

Also adding to the birthday yarny goodness that weekend, I won a contest over on Carly's blog. My first ever contest! I'm not sure exactly what it is, but Carly has wonderful taste and I'm sure it will qualify as yarny goodness.

My new stash is afraid of the paparazzi, so there will be no pictures at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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Cheryl in VA said...

I sat my stash from Robin's down and explained to them that they were going to be the start of a new day for me. That they would be photographed and posted on Rav. I would then also do the same for the rest of the stash that has been in residence and unphotographed for a long time now. By the time that all gets posted it will be time for me to be VERY embarrassed about how much yarn I really posses.

btw the word verification I am looking at could be rearranged to spell your most recent announcement. Kind of funny huh?