Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday in Ptown

My little HokieBoy turned 5 on May 29th. Crazy. I think that particular birthday was pretty difficult to believe. After all of his issues in the hospital at birth, not a soul could tell today that the doctors and nurses weren't sure that he would live.

And live he does. My HokieBoy is filled with energy and spirit. He is love and sweetness. Oh, he whines with the best of them, frequently when HokieGirl is annoying him by messing with his toys. But he knows how to push her buttons, too, so I guess what goes around comes around.

Each year before his birthday, I remember the events leading up to it. His debut was such a shock to us all that Saturday morning. Friday night I was laying in bed reading, having given myself my nightly anticoagulant. It was about 11:45 and I was finishing a chapter. I wasn't terribly sure, but I thought my water broke. (Well, it was either that or I had just had an accident!) We went to the hospital, and to make a long story much shorter, HokieBoy entered the world at 7:06am May 29th. All this despite the best efforts of myself and the entire team at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh. The shock is because HokieBoy was not supposed to come out and play until July 20th.

So Happy Birthday, my darling little HokieBoy. And now I can look back on those long days of being home while you were still in the NICU and be truly thankful for all my many blessings.

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JessicaRose said...

so sweet. And awesome that the picture you picked for this post has him holding a book with "its ok" on it. Just telling you "its ok, mom."