Saturday, July 7, 2007

I think I said too much.

My mother in law thinks I'm nuts. I tried to explain a little bit about the obsession of knitting. It all started when I asked her if she ever knit. She said a little a long time ago. She went on to say that she would like to get back into cross-stitching. How did she get from knitting to that? Anyway, I told her a little bit about the knitting lifestyle aids that are out there: blogs, books, webmagazines. I even read her a little bit from Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules! She chuckled politely. POLITELY! I told her about the Yarn Harlot's squirrel. She gave me a look. She thinks I'm nuts. Of course, my husband goes on to tell her that I am addicted to this stuff. He tells her I'm always online laughing to myself. He tells her I'm always muttering things like, "knit one, purl two," like the Granny on Sylvester and Tweety cartoons. They all think I'm nuts. If they knew how much time I've spent today trying to decide whether or not to join in on MS3 (which I signed up for a long time ago) and what kind of yarn I would use, they would actually say outloud that I am nuts.

Speaking of MS3, I want to do it. I signed up for it, but it's a little intimidating. I've never knit lace before. I'm also in the six-sock-knitalong and the monthly dishcloth KAL. Now, my Yarn For Breakfast group wants to do a KAL. Guess I need more yarn. And needles. And more nuts.

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Cheryl in VA said...

Congrads on your progress with your Monkey KAL.

As for saying too much - as the Yarn Harlot says... there are people known as Knitting Muggles and they just don't get it. But that is OK, as they are still nice people (giggle)