Sunday, March 2, 2008

ginger tea and toast

In response to my sad, devastating discovery that coffee does indeed exascerbate my relux, I bought some ginger root. I thought, "hey, coffee is bad and tea is supposed to be not good, but ginger is great for settling stomachs! I'll make ginger tea!" Well, I'm not really a fan of ginger usually. And ginger tea is not for me (it's not my cup of tea, you see?) It's really too spicy, even with some honey. I guess I could drink it if I needed to settle my stomach, but not every morning instead of coffee. So, back to square one. I've got cozy chamomile today, so we'll see how that goes. I do love the smell of the ginger tea, so I've got it simmering away on the stove rigt now: yesterday's remains with some more water on top.

My husband and I have been making bread with the bread machine for the past couple of months. We finally found a method that turns out some really decent stuff! But now I'm thinking we would be better off making a smaller loaf more frequently so we can be sure to consume it before it becomes a bread brick.

On the knitting side of things, I have a deadline looming for my prayer swap socks. I should be spending more time on them, and less time on the computer, especially because they must find their way overseas...

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Cheryl in VA said...

But alas, it is good to see you back on the computer a bit.

As for Tea, there are sooooo very many out there. I happen to love Jasmine Green Tea (it is most like the stuff you get in really good asian restaurants). I get it by the pound from the organic store. I also like fruit teas, and Echinaccea tea. If you want, I will gladly bring some assorted bags and such for you to try. That way you don't have to totally invest until you know you like it.

Catch you soon. Missed you the other evening at the Daily Grind.