Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My willful (new) two-year-old

My daughter is two. It's official. Her birthday was yesterday, and now I can say for certain she is in the terrible twos. It's not that she is a bad child. On the contrary, she and her brother are perhaps the sweetest things on earth, randomly spouting "I love you" and running up to everyone they know with great big smiles and hugs. She is just extremely willful. She does what she wants to do, no matter how many times I tell her no. She climbs all over the furniture, tugs on my curtains, rips pages out of books, tosses toys everywhere, wriggles under the safety gate, and strips down nekkid whenever she can. She raises her head when you say her name and gives you a look that says, "go ahead and put me in time out; when it's over I'm doing this again."

All the animals at the zoo, and she plops down to play in the gravel. Two.

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Jen said...

Boy, with my daughter at 18 mos. she's already starting to show those same signs. Yikes!! :)