Friday, June 13, 2008

It was hotter than Hades...

...and I thought we would melt. On Monday, we had a brownout for about 15 minutes followed by a blackout for over an hour. Little Bit was sleeping upstairs. I'm not sure how as that is the hottest place to be with no air. Little Man was with me in the living room playing trains. This was in the afternoon around 3, the hottest point of the day. I thought we would be going out to the Rat's Place for pizza and to run around in air conditioning for a while, but the power came back on before it got too miserable. So I made chicken fried rice. I was bummed about cooking, but then I generally am when hubby is on shift.

I suppose I should just be thankful the power held on Sunday. Sunday was the hottest (102, I think) and the day of my first Pampered Chef demonstration. That went really well! I made it a mystery host event and sales were pretty good. The stuff really does sell itself. Now I need to find one more person to host a catalog show so I can reach a goal of 4 shows in my first 30 days. That person gets a free gift and I get a significant bonus. Any takers? ;)

Things have cooled off significantly, to the point of being almost pleasant. Of course that cooling off bit really means dropping back into the mid- to upper- eighties. But lower humidity! Hopefully this is not an indication that the summer, when it actually arrives next weekend, will be unbearable.

My SP hostess wants to know my favorite summer drink. Now I love me a good frozen margarita anytime of year; however, I just made a new drink this weekend: Triple Citrus Mojitos. It involves oranges, lemons, limes, and mint, and a syrup made from the zest and the mint, and rum. Of course, I must be careful with rum, as it is my nemesis. (There was an incident at a party in college involving a drink of mostly rum and a little orange juice and an emergency room. We'll leave it there.)

I was working on these very lovely wee tiny prayer socks for my MOPS group. I managed to get around 2 dozen of these little guys. Did I get a picture? Nope. Not of one. I guess that's what happens when you stay up until 3am trying to get them all done before you leave the house at 8. Dagnabit.


Cheryl in VA said...

That lack of sleep thing will get you every time. This much I know from past experience.

You might think about pitching the catalogue show with YfB crew. Between all of us, we could probably come up with enough for a party and then just pick one of the guests as the host. Bring some catalogues and try. I know there are some things I need.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just checking in, saying hi, and reading your blog. :)

Your SP12 Pal :)