Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trying to Relax and Enjoy the Ride

So much to do. So overwhelming. It would be one thing if we were packing everything for the move. We have to decide what to take in the camper, what to store in Virginia, what to store in Kentucky, and what to get rid of/sell/donate.

I've decided to stay calm and just try to pack the camper. We are camping for Labor Day weekend and leaving the camper in Buena Vista. It makes sense to put as much stuff as we know we need in the camper so we don't have to cram the truck next week with stuff we should have packed. Then we will be able to focus on emptying the house when we get back.

HokieHubby was supposed to get a call confirming the details of the new job on Monday. When he hadn't heard from them by lunch on Tuesday, I told he ought to call to see what was up. Turns out they are waiting for some of the other candidates' bloodwork and polygraph results. Now we wait some more to find out what the new start date will be. Hopefully it won't be too much later than September 11th. We already made our reservations for a campground on the 20th. I guess we will get a couple of days to settle in and relax before he starts.

I keep making notes of projects for improving the inside of our new home. The cabinets and pantries need a little help. I plan to stack clothes in my little cupboard, but right now there's a hanging bar in each and no shelves. The kids' wardrobe will be for school storage. I bought large utility totes from my 31 Gifts girl for each kid and that is where their clothes will be kept. We are trying to minimize to amount of toys. This is very tough with 4 kids, all 8 and under.

It's all part of the adventure. It's tough right now, but it will be awesome later! I hope.

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