Wednesday, July 25, 2007

blue blue blue

Someday I will get pictures to a place where I can add them to the blog... if only for myself!

I have four repeats on my first monkey sock and I think I want to keep them short. I have Yarn for Supper tonight, so I'll take them in and ask for advice. I'm on row 59 on MS3. I want to put in another lifeline before I move on. I've learned I really do have to tune EVERYTHING out in order to properly knit lace. If hokiehubby talks while I'm working on a right side row, I forget yarnovers or decreases. I'm counting at the end of every row. It just feels safer. But at least I'm done with chart A. I need to get some yarn for my Hogwarts Sock Swap. Interestingly, before I signed up for this, I bought some "Hufflepuff" yarn because it happens to be Steelers colors. I'm Hufflepuff but my partner is Ravenclaw. So, I'll get to use my yarn to make something in Steelers colors. I'm thinking about mittens and maybe a hat to match, since football is in the fall/winter. I don't want to make a scarf with this yarn. I've made plenty of those in the past.

We had to go to Pittsburgh to help deal with the fire, and we got back Monday night. I'm not quite normal right now. A little blue. I'm hoping Yarn for Supper tonight will cheer me up. I get to leave the hokiekids home with their daddy, so that's good. Our "garden" looks pretty good. The cucumbers are getting along very well. We only have a couple of green tomatoes (beefmasters), but the romas all still have blossom end rot. I'm going to feed them some milk and see if that helps. To my knowledge, my parents never tried romas. They only ever grew easy stuff, the kind that didn't need special care. Anyway, the romas have lots of little babies, but their bottoms are gross. I tried feeding them some Tums thinking the calcium would help. Oh well.


Rebecca said...

Yarn for Supper? I'm clueless but it sounds like a great diet to me! So sorry you are feeling a bit blue - put on some cheerful music and hum a tune.

Millicent Pigwidgeon said...

I belong to a group called Yarn for Breakfast. We meet once a month on Staurday morning for breakfast, one Wednesday evening for Yarn for Supper, and at least once a month for Yarn with Kids. We have a great time, and I love the support from the other knitters.