Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a moment to fill in the gaps

We went to the water park on base with my dad Friday around noon. We were there until 4. We had a blast! The kids were awesome. N took a nap in the pool and then on her Beebah. C finally cracked during adult swim at 3:45, so we packed up and left. Went to Nitnee's house and had dinner. We got back to our house around 8:15ish. We saw some signs of the storm on our way: minor flooding and branches down. P laughed and said, "I wonder if we have a tree!" Pulling up to the front of the house, things didn't look too bad. As we peered around the side, all we could see were branches. The large limb that went out and then straight up (like an "L") had fallen down, taking at least one other large limb with it. We are guessing that the "L" branch landed on the kitchen roof, punched a hole in it, and then sort of slid to the ground, leaving a little pit just outside our kitchen door. The sink was full of water and there is a decent hole in the ceiling. The restoration company has three fans and a dehumidifier going in the kitchen. They are checking each day to make sure it's drying. State Farm is sending someone out tomorrow to estimate the damage and decide how much to give us. A contractor is coming tomorrow evening to see what needs to be done. In the meantime, we are not supposed to use the kitchen much, not that we could with the fans and dehumidifier. State Farm is going to reimburse us for meals, above our typical grocery budget. We were without internet or phone until this afternoon, and then we got it back by asking the passing Cox man if he could help! Cox wasn't coming out until Thursday to fix it.
Fun stuff.

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Cheryl in VA said...

Soooooo..... what is the new kitchen going to look like???

Or, is this just going to be a ceiling/roof repair job?

Glad to hear you had fun at the H2O park, they do come in handy.

Take Care and keep knitting to help keep your sanity. BTW, are you going to just send DH and DS on vacation and 'volunteer' to stay home to deal with the contractors and such?? Think of the knitting time (hhhmmmmmm :)