Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If a tree falls on your house,

and nobody's home, does it still make a sound? A large limb from our tulip poplar fell on the kitchen. We're okay, but we cannot use the kitchen. It also took out our internet and phone, so I'm incommunocado (sp?) right now. I'm getting the shakes from internet withdrawal... Hooray for the library and its timed internet policy!


Cheryl in VA said...

Oh NO!!!! Glad no one was hurt, but what an inconvenience. You are totally on the mark with the Library though. While you are there, could you maybe check to see if they have a room off to the side somewhere that we could meet in, just in case we start getting too big for the Daily Grind. As our numbers grow we might need to migrate somewhere soon.
Take care and keep in touch when you can.

Fleurbutterbeer said...

Hey Milli

Hope your okay :) I guess you get an excuse to renovate :) Wonder if I can coax one of our tress to hit the livingroom..lol