Thursday, November 13, 2008

It was a dark and stormy day

Today was Bible study day. I was up at 6 to get showered and dressed and make lunches. I was able to check my email before getting the kids dressed and into the car at 730. Traffic was really odd this morning, with lots of accidents from the Beach to Ptown, but none on my way out, thankfully. We had a shorter-than-normal wait to get into the tunnel (only about 10 minutes) and then smooth sailing out to Lynnhaven. So we pull into the parking lot, I shut the engine down, and it starts raining. Hard. Seriously?? Oh well.

It was a good morning. Of our little ones that usually cry, only one did and only for a few minutes. That was nice, especially since we were short staffed. Our nursery worker's son in law lost his battle with cancer earlier this week, and one of our teachers was in a bad car accident last week. She had to be cut from her car and had surgery to repair a broken hip socket. She is okay, tired and doing physical therapy. Hokieboy misses her.

It was raining pretty steadily all the way home, which made driving a little tense. We made it safely. Now I just hope that the truck doesn't leak like it usually does. Last time we got a steady rain, it got into the steering column and the horn kept honking randomly. That was fun. Sure. So if you're driving around Ptown and hear a horn honking that won't stop, it's mine. Sorry.

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