Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scenes from Psycho

There they were, just sitting there. The Hokiekiddos were watching the Snowman, eyes fixed on the screen in awe and wonder. I slipped away. I needed to take care of some business. I go into the bathroom and sit for a few minutes. All is still quiet. I know the movie is not very long, but I figure I have enough time for a shower. I turn on the water. I listen from the bathroom to judge how much of the movie is left. They're flying now. Okay, so I have enough time to shower and then the movie will be over. It's all good. I step into the shower. Oh, the hot water feels so good! There is nothing like a shower to...
"Get out of the bathroom, please."
"I want a dookie!" Hokiegirl demands.
"I just want to take my shower. I'll be done in a little bit."
"Uhhh!" She tries to close the door repeatedly. It's a tough door to close.
"Mama, I'm firsty." It's Hokieboy this time.
"Please just let me take a shower!"
"But I'm firsty!"
"There's nothing I can do right now; I'm in the shower."
Did I misjudge the length of the movie? No, it was still on when I got out of the shower. Kids really have a knack for knowing the best times to be annoying.

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