Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Knitting on hold...

I have lost my knitting mojo. Nothing is exciting anymore. I have been spending entirely too much time on facebook and websudoku. I dream in numbers and grids. I try to find really interesting things to put as my "what are you doing?" headline.

Thankfully, Hokiehubby hauled our butts out of the house yesterday. We went to Hampton for the Air and Space Center. It was pretty cool, but the kids still enjoy the Living Museum or the Children's Museum more. They are still a little young for appreciating all the cool planes. Some of the hands-on exhibits were malfunctioning. They did fine, though. I think as long as they can look at things and run around they are happy.

I have stalled out a little on housework. I had hoped to clean off the front porch the other day so we could decorate for Christmas, but it hasn't happened yet. I need to make dinner for a friend who had a baby and I'm making soup for tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Anonymous said...

But, surely the Hokies' win today lifted your spirits. . . Congratulations!