Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Any entry is better than no entry, right? Maybe?

Okay, so I was on a roll for a while there, blogging very frequently. Not so much lately. We went to Pennsylvania the 5th-7th to see Thomas the Tank Engine. He comes to the Strasburg Rail Road 3 times a year: June, September, and one weekend in December. We've always gone on a weekday in September because we've never had to worry about missing school. It's wonderful then. The December event was lovely, but I much prefer Lancaster County on the weekdays when there is a Thomas event. Hokiehubby's mother, sister and two boys, aunt, and very pregnant cousin and her boy came from Pittsburgh to spend the weekend with us.

We visited the town of Hershey on Friday and picked up about 8 pounds of kisses. We took the factory tour ride and got to make gears full of kisses. The making was free, the gears were not. Saturday was our Thomas ride. A little tip to save stress: don't forget your tickets at home! For some reason, will-call was not available when I ordered our tickets. I always use will-call so I don't have to worry about tickets when packing. It all worked out okay, and we were all safely aboard when Thomas departed the station at 10:45. That evening, we drove out to BFE to visit the Christmas Village. It would have been very lovely if my cousin hadn't been 38 weeks pregnant and ready to pop! A story for another day, perhaps. Sunday, we had lunch with our Pa family and sent them west while we headed southeast to home. Hokiehubby had picked up a brochure in the hotel for a little railroad that I can't even remember the name of. It was only about 15 minutes from where we were, and we could be there in time to catch a ride with Santa Claus before coming home. It was a fun little trip for the four of us.

Since then, I have just been in a funk. I don't know what exactly is going on. I know I love Christmas for all the beauty everywhere and the time we spend with our families. I really don't like the gift thing. I feel like there is too much focus on spending money on people, and stuff shouldn't matter so much! I hate combining all this material crap with the birth of Jesus the Christchild. That's where the focus should be, and now that I am responsible for two small souls I just can't seem to get excited about gift-giving. Another separate issue is I think I'm coming down with a baby bug. Everywhere around me are women who have just burst or who will burst soon. I am still wishy washy on expanding our family, especially right now with our hokiehouse being so small and the money not exactly overflowing. But, it wasn't really the "right time" with either of the other hokiekiddos, so why am I so concerned about timing? I think a bigger issue at this point is that if we have one more, we will want to have another one to make things even. We have two beautiful and healthy children and I am always a high-risk pregnancy, so why risk it?

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Cheryl in VA said...

The baby-bug thing never goes away... take it from someone who knows. While I know we can't it doesn't stop me from wanting to, and sometimes at the oddest of times. Funks are OK too. Mine usually occur around Christmas and it is one of my favorite holidays because of the feel of it, the way it changes people (just for a little while), but there is so much involved, and since becoming part of DH's family there can be quite a bit of emotional stuff as well. I guess it is all part of the maturing thing...