Sunday, December 21, 2008

Knitty Scrooge

I don't Christmas knit, but why is it that the closer it gets to Christmas, the more I think of things that would be perfect for people? I don't think of things to knit for my kids or my husband. Instead I think of how perfect this item would be for that random person I never see. Or how cute my cousin would look in that pattern. That is why I do not Christmas knit. If I knit that really cute hat for one random relative, then I'd have to do one for all of the random relatives. Knitting overload! But sometimes I wish I was a faster knitter. Then maybe I could be a Christmas knitter. By the way, do you think it's too late to order some Mmmmalibrigo worsted and knit Hokiehubby a hat for Christmas?

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JessicaRose said...

well considering that christmas is this thursday... I'd say ordered yarn wouldn't get here in time. But the knitting corner has malabrigo (not a great color selection unless they got a recent shipment in). might be able to pick some up local and knit it by thursday.