Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here's a dull post for you

Today's ToDo List: aka How I'm Trying to Get It Together So I Can Find My Mind
-take dinner out of freezer
-eat breakfast/take vitamins/drink more COFFEE!
-get ready for hokiekiddos to get up-drink and breakfast
-Bible study
-Melaleuca order
-straighten kitchen after Hokiehubby made dinner for kids last night and left it a mess again (I did more than straighten: it looks really good in there)
-throw out 15 things (I'm not sure how many things I threw out, but it's a lot)
-call Victory House to schedule a pickup for the stuff that is too good to throw away
-get together stuff for Victory House pickup
-clean bathrooms (not too bad, just need maintenance)
-at least one load of laundry
-gather paperwork for worldchangers program
-apply for YMCA Open Doors
-decide who the kids are shopping for at Frosty's Shop
-put timer on computer so I stop sitting here wasting time.
-frog short row heel and do a heel flap like I know I like

I'll let you know if I find my mind in all this mess.

1 comment:

Cheryl in VA said...

If you find yours, could you add looking for mine to your list :{
It seems to have gotten away from me while I was changing shift times, sleeping odd hours and having too many things on my to do list.