Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In the mail...

So lately, the mailman has been bringing lots of Christmas cards. We've heard from people that we only hear from this time of year and people we see every few days. I also sent cards to people we only hear from once a year and people we see all the time. Today, there was nothing...

Except this:
Well, I didn't order anything. So I opened it.
OOH! A Present!
From my secret pal. And it says Merry Christmas!
What? You didn't really think I would wait until tomorrow, did you?
Thank you, Secret Pal! Now the trick is to wait until the 1st to start reading it!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic SP parcel!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad it arrived safe and sound! Did you wait? And have you read the whole year yet??